Our Massage Offerings

Imagine feeling slow, fluid, dreamy strokes and relaxing so deeply that you slip into an incredible Theta state of bliss. In this stress-free realm of relaxation, all your systems are rebooted and you feel calm, yet delightfully energized – fully alive. When you get up off the table, you feel different – refreshed and rejuvenated. Your muscles are totally relaxed and you feel a ubiquitous deep peace. Your busy mind is still. You can’t even remember the things that were bothering you 90 minutes ago. Smiling has returned as your effortless default setting and you have the most pleasant, radiant glow about you. 

We are all energy beings. Divine energy is the life force that animates you through your nervous system, meridians, chakras, aura and luminous energy field. Our intention here is to open, balance and enhance the flow of energy throughout your entire being - body, mind and spirit. This results in you feeling centered, calm, energized and fully alive.

What makes some massage and bodywork truly extraordinary and amazing?

When the work is deeply engaging and the pressure and speed are perfect, then profound release can happen. Releasing of tension and pain in your muscles, increasing range of motion and normalizing functional movement is transformation.  When this transformation is powerful and long lasting - this is true healing. Is this what you’re looking for? You found it!

What makes a Deep Well Being Massage more than a massage?  It’s all the extras that go into making a profoundly holistic healing experience. This includes Biomat Crystal Therapy; hot stones and towels; medicinal aromatherapy; sound healing; luxurious linens; and much more – all in a beautiful sanctuary environment. Additionally, client-guided transformational mind-body exploration is available. This is massage and beyond!

Ever dream you could have your own private oasis of peace at work?  Dreams do come true.

Imagine being transported to a timeless realm where cares are magically lifted from your shoulders and stress is slowly drained from your neck - a place where you can turn off your brain and simply focus on melting into a deep state of calm relaxation for as short as 15 minutes.  It’s like all your systems have been rebooted and you are totally refreshed. You emerge from your chair massage relaxed, clear-headed and re-energized.