Profoundly Relaxing Massage

Profoundly Relaxing Massage

Imagine feeling slow, fluid, dreamy strokes and relaxing so deeply that you slip into an incredible Theta state of bliss. In this stress-free realm of relaxation, all your systems are rebooted and you feel calm, yet delightfully energized – fully alive. When you get up off the table, you feel different – refreshed and rejuvenated. Your muscles are totally relaxed and you feel a ubiquitous deep peace. Your busy mind is still. You can’t even remember the things that were bothering you 90 minutes ago. Smiling has returned as your effortless default setting and you have the most pleasant, radiant glow about you. 


Relaxation is the intention here…long, luxurious, warm, fluid strokes. Increased circulation and gentle comfortable  stretching leaves you pleasantly invigorated as well as supremely tranquil. This is the kind of deep, long-lasting relaxation that lasts for many hours, days, maybe even weeks. This is also the kind of relaxation that pacifies your sympathetic nervous system (‘fight or flight’) response, thus relieving anxiety and insomnia. Transformational massage that releases chronic tension in your neck, shoulders and back. This is self-indulgent time for you to unplug, unwind and sink into deep calm and serene bliss. Aahhh! Yum!

Hot stones, cold stones

What is it about hot stones gliding smoothly over your skin that feels so incredibly wonderful? Hots stones radiate deep penetrating heat, effortlessly melting away your tension, pain and cares. One of the most important, even primal requirements for comfort, and therefore relaxation, is being warm. Warmth stimulates the healing relaxation response of your parasympathetic nervous system. Heat relieves your pain by dilating blood vessels and enhancing circulation. Better circulation allows more oxygen and nutrition to reach painful and injured areas of your body and helps accelerate your healing process by removing toxic waste products. Most of all, it just feels yummy! Heat and cold (thermo) therapy is woven into your treatment whenever appropriate with hot stones, hot moist towels, cold stones and ice therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy

Your craniosacral system is intimately related to the function of your nervous system, related fascia and many other body systems. I intentionally induce momentary ‘still points’ in your craniosacral rhythm, which mobilizes and reboots your system’s inherent self-correcting abilities and natural default setting. This can have many profound beneficial effects throughout your body. For example, balancing of your craniosacral rhythm increases relaxation and vitality by decreasing overall tension. Other benefits include relieving headaches and migraines, reduction of chronic muscular and skeletal pain, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, enhanced immune system function, TMJ, PTSD and improved fluid exchange throughout your body, including blood and lymph (to name just a few).  Using an incredibly light touch with minimal movement helps you create this remarkably deep state of relaxation and healing.


Exquisite foot massage and reflexology that releases tension from your roots at the ground floor up – affecting all parts of your body.