Holistic Healing Support

Holistic Healing Support

What makes a Deep Well Being Massage more than a massage?  It’s all the extras that go into making a profoundly holistic healing experience. This includes Biomat Crystal Therapy; hot stones and towels; medicinal aromatherapy; sound healing; luxurious linens; and much more – all in a beautiful sanctuary environment. Additionally, client-guided transformational mind-body exploration is available. This is massage and beyond!

biomat on table

BioMat Crystal Therapy Pad 

My massage table features a BioMat Amethyst Crystal Therapy pad with every session. This unique and incredibly sophisticated heating pad was developed by NASA for keeping astronauts healthy in the darkness of space. The Biomat uses Far Infrared energy light waves, which penetrate deeply (6-8”) into all your body tissues, enhancing your metabolism by increasing blood circulation without increasing blood pressure. You can totally feel the difference in this form of deep profound heat.  This energy is created without producing any harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) like other heating pads.

All of this Biomat energy and heat is transmitted through thousands of tiny amethyst crystals, which offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of long wave Far Infrared into your body. Amethyst is known for its ability to transform lower energy frequencies to higher energy frequencies, offering you healing effects such as detoxification, revitalization and calming of your nervous system.

This amazing pad also generates a discharge of negative ions creating a negatively charged field in the space around you. This can convert positive ions into negative ions within your body; alkalize your system and balance your PH. In addition, it can catalyze the cleansing of your blood by enhancing cellular absorption of nutrition and hydration along with the elimination of toxic waste material.

The many healing benefits of the Biomat are so remarkable that it is often used as a stand alone treatment in spas, clinics and health centers. The Biomat is always included for you in every Deep Well Being treatment session.


Aromatic botanical medicine – extracted from herbs, flowers, grasses, wood, resin, roots, etc. – has been used since our ancient beginnings to enhance natural healing processes.  Scents can have a powerful influence on your well-being.  Aromatherapy, which uses concentrated essences of various botanicals, allows you to harness the olfactory power of plants for healing on many levels.  Quality is key here - pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from plants, NOT synthetic fragrance oils or perfumes, which can be toxic and typically contain allergenic compounds.

I offer an extensive selection of over 100 medicinal quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance your healing – body, mind and spirit.

San Luis Obispo Sanctuary Healing Studio

Your healing session truly begins when you enter into the treatment room.  My studio is comfortable, quiet, private, soothing and sacred.  Indulge yourself in this beautiful spa-like garden setting of peaceful serenity.  Conveniently located in downtown SLO, serving the local communities of San Luis Obispo county.

Spiritual Renewal 

Another signature aspect of my practice is that I offer intuitive transformational mind-body processing and spiritual support during your treatment with the goal of optimizing your holistic health. This can support you in enjoying somatic release and spiritual renewal. This is a client-guided journey in healing and Deep Well Being.


Nourishing support for you and your baby, which can be prenatal, in labor, birthing or postpartum massage. My studio features a special pregnancy cushion to allow you to comfortably lay face down during the massage.  These sessions can be in my studio, at your home or in the hospital.

Hospice Massage

One of the most sacred moments in life is when one is transitioning out of this world. My wife, Cari and I, offer gentle spirit centered massage that supports the conscious appreciation of this miraculous journey.


Come experience more than a massage!